We're different.

Event florals.   Holiday Decor.  Fabric Draping.   
Decor Styling.  (And, other cool things...)

For over 30 years, (owner) Christine McCaffery has been immersed in many forms of design work.  Most notably, for the past 15-years, she has specialized in the corporate and non-profit sectors of the events industry.

Armed with her degree in fashion design & merchandising -coupled with her experience (as a teen) working construction in family businesses- Christine brings unique design perspectives and hands-on skills to the table.  

A frequent collaborator on large-scale, high-profile, and award-winning events, Christine goes to great lengths to ensure the overall success of the project.

So, whether you need a truck-load of 200 centerpieces...or, to have 7 upside-down Christmas trees suspended in a 90ft high rotunda lobby...or, for 13,000 linear feet of beaded chain to be draped in a tent ceiling, she's got you handled.

And, then some.


Working toward a "New Normal"

In what seemed like a blink of an eye, the events industry was one of the first to be forever-changed by the arrival of COVID-19.

With many unknowns still before us, we are re-grouping, adapting, and thinking about what the future of the industry will become.

While we don't anticipate delivering truckloads of flowers to convention centers anytime soon, we are expanding the scope of our services to remain relevant and viable in this unprecedented time and ever-changing industry.

So, please don't hesitate to call us if you have a project that might otherwise seem outside of our normal scope.  We just might surprise you by what we can offer.



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